Capabilities of opensource packages (Salome / OpenFOAM / Paraview) for solving MCC


Sergei Strizhak, Hewlett-Packard, PhD, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Avetisyan Harutyun, PhD, Scientific Secretary ISPRAS
Kraposhin Matvey, NRC "Kurchatov Institute", Head of Laboratory


A brief overview of the open packages for solving MCC (continuum mechanics). Capabilities of web-lab UniHUB ( and supercomputer "Lomonosov". Features of environment settings and scheduler's packaging Salome / OpenFOAM / Paraview. Access to the working console. Stories create packages Salome / OpenFOAM / Paraview. Key capabilities of OpenFOAM for solving the MLS. The directory structure. Comparison of two different directions (basic and extended versions) in the development of the package OpenFOAM. Describes a method of control volume, which is the basis for the solution of partial differential equations. Academic and practical problems solved using OpenFOAM. Overview of standard solvers in OpenFOAM.

On the example of test problems (for a cavity in the moving lid, flow backward-facing step (pitzDaily), the calculation of the flow in a heated room, the calculation of the collapse of a column of liquid water, the calculation of the turbulent flame, building adaptive computational grid (motorBike) discusses features of a calculation example.

Shows how to finished examples (tutorials). Laboratory work includes the 4.6-ready examples. Listeners download samples from the repository UniHUB in your home directory and run the examples on a computing cluster and UniHUB "Lomonosov".