About the academy

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Supercomputer Consortium of Universities of Russia, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University, SRCC MSU announce International Summer Supercomputing Academy that will start on June 23rd ending on July 2th 2016.

International Summer Supercomputing Academy - a unique opportunity to receive training on a wide range of specializations in the field of supercomputing and parallel computing technologies with the passage of practice on supercomputers MSU "Lomonosov", "Chebyshev", Blue Gene/P.

President of Supercomputer Summer Academy - Rector of the Moscow State University , academician V.A. Sadovnichiy . Head of the Academy curriculum - Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor Vl. V. Voevodin.

Academy curriculum consists of lectures on topical issues of supercomputer technology and high-performance computing, advanced training courses (tracks), master classes and workshops on specific topics, use of supercomputer technologies and the development of parallel algorithms and software for high-performance computing systems. The focus of the curriculum of the Academy is given to problems of constructing extreme scale applications for solving urgent computationally complex tasks.

The part of the Academy's program is Science conference at which students of the Academy will be able to present their scientific work. During operation, a plurality of adjacent Academy planned training activities: training and workshops from leading companies, visits to MSU supercomputer complex, popular science lectures and more.

The teaching staff of the Academy - the leading Russian and foreign scientists, professors and lectors of Moscow State University, well-known experts largest IT- companies.

The working languages ​​of the Academy - English and Russian, part of the Academy classes will be held in English.

Students who successfully complete the training at the Academy, will be issued certificates.

Education in the Summer Supercomputing Academy free.

For foreign participants supercomputer summer academy reserved rooms in the Main Building of the Moscow State University dormitory on the Leninskie Gory, a five minute walk from the venue of the Academy. Hostel accommodation MSU paid by participants themselves.

Place in a hostel for participants allocated in the two sectors of the Main Building: B sector to the usual conditions and sector E comfort. 

Prices dormitories and more information for foreign students will be available later in the section.

In the Academy can participate undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff of the Russian and foreign universities, young scientists and specialists have already experienced Russian organizations, school teachers.

Selection of participants of the Academy will be held on a competitive basis according to the analysis presented at check recommendations and motivational messages based on the number of seats on various educational tracks.

Registration applications for the Academy program in two phases:

  1. You need to register for e-mail verification.
  2. After checking email address in the site menu you see "Registration". Clicking on it, you need to fill out the application form.

Submission of applications for participation in the Academy opens March 14.

Contact Address : academy@hpc-russia.ru

In Summer Sepercomputer Academy 2015 121 people were enrolled, representing leading universities in Russia and other countries, many scientific organizations of the Russian Academy of Science and Industry, 59 Academy students received certificates of successful completion . Students of the Academy in 2015 were trained in six educational tracks. 18 members of the Academy were granted the right to make presentations at scientific conferences held in the Academy .